By now, all of us have realized how important it is to guard the environment for our production personal survival. The term ‘conservation of atmosphere relates to actions which can present particular person or business advantages, however at the same time, stop extreme use leading to environmental injury. Conservation could also be distinguished from preservation, which is taken into account to be “maintaining of nature as it’s, or may need been earlier than the intervention of either human beings or pure forces. We all know that natural resources are getting depleted and environmental issues are increasing. It is, due to this fact, necessary to conserve and protect our surroundings. Following practices assist in protecting our atmosphere.

1. Rotation of crops.

2. Judicious use of fertilisers, intensive cropping, proper drainage and irrigation.

3. Therapy of sewage, so that it does not pollute the rivers and different water our bodies.

Four. Composting organic stable waste for use as manure.

5. Planting timber in place of those removed for various functions.

6. National parks and conservation forests must be established by the government.

7. Harvesting of rain water.

Some action points to guard or enhance the surroundings:

(i) Dispose the waste after separating them into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste material.

(ii) Begin a compost heap or use a compost bin. This can be used to recycle waste food and different biodegradable materials.

(iii) Keep away from unnecessary or wasteful packaging of merchandise.

(iv) Reuse carry luggage.

(v) Plant trees. They may help to absorb excess carbon dioxide.

(vi) Observe World Surroundings Day on 5th June.

(vii) Never put any left over chemicals, used oils down the drain, rest room or dump them on the bottom or in water or burn them in the garden. Should you achieve this, it is going to trigger pollution.