reliance oil and gas, coal oil and natural gas are,We strive to be the leader of our industry in our market areas,

Oman Oil Refineries And Petroleum Industries Company

Inside the tower and packingOrpic is one of Oman’s largest and most coal oil and natural gas are rapidly rising businesses within the Center East oil industry. Aniline Equipment Orpic’s refineries in Suhar and Muscat, as properly because the aromatics and polypropylene manufacturing plants in Suhar, present fuel, chemicals, plastics and other petroleum merchandise, to Oman and the world.

Owned by the federal government of the Sultanate of Oman and Oman Oil Company SAOC, Orpic’s spectacular integration of refinery and plant operations coupled with its formidable growth plans, has cemented its place as one of many industry’s most naphtha forward-pondering corporations. The company presently recruits round 2,600 employees who work in the direction of the common objective of an integrated Omani refining and petrochemicals coal oil and natural gas are enterprise expected to extend to 3,000 by 2020.

Orpic is committed to working safely and reliably, whereas paying due care to the setting and the communities inside which it operates. The company strongly believes in serving Oman with satisfaction.