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China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology And Equipment Exhibition

U-tube heat exchanger

China Petroleum Pipeline Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. (CPPM) (the former China Petroleum Pipeline Machinery Manufacture Plant) is established in 1974, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau with independent legal person qualification, is specialized petroleum and chemical industry equipment manufacturer and the only enterprise specially manufactures long-distance pipeline equipments as well as oil field and oil & gas transportation equipments among the equipment manufacturing enterprises which are affiliated to CNPC. It has essentially the most powerful integrated manufacturing capacity of oil field and oil & gas transportation in addition to long-distance pipeline pressure equipments domestically. CPPM is a manufacturer with all equipments and technologies, for manufacturing pipeline stations or oil field transportation equipments. The fixed assets are up to 1.3 billion yuan, which can design and manufacture four main products including pressure vessels, industrial furnaces, hot & and fittings and natural gas pressure regulating and metering skid & process unit skids. CPPM has its own products research and development centre, with the capable to develop the four main products by ourselves, which might provide the shoppers with package solutions and “one stop” services. CPPM obtain the 10 largest natural gas companies ISO 9001 quality system certification in 1996. Meanwhile, it has 11 qualifications in design and manufacturing of pressure vessels, manufacturing of organic heat medium furnace, manufacturing of pressure piping components, design and manufacturing the products 10 largest natural gas companies with ASME “U” and “S” stamps, installation & construction of petrochemical equipments, installation of pressure pipes and boiler manufacturing & maintenance. Products are widely utilized in industries of oil exploitation, petroleum and 10 largest natural gas companies chemical industry, oil and gas storage and transportation, city gas, chemical fiber, building materials, etc. Within the distributed and finished project, has a higher market share, is the core supplier for equipments of oil and gas pipeline station.